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Yota's Latest Sales Numbers

Mar 28, 2014 09:56 AM EDT

Yota Devices unveiled the second generation of the YotaPhone. The Russian company first launched sales of  YotaPhone, last year. Yota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov said YotaPhone 2 “is a big milestone for us. We are taking the always-on display to the next level.”  Overall, Yota’s Devices have developed to great success so far.

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According to the company, the philosophy of Yota Devices, which was spun out of Yota Scartel in 2012, is to provide an antidote to the smartphone ‘dark screen’ by providing a second screen on the back of the device that provides always-on access to important, real-time information without draining the battery.

YotaPhone helps the user express themselves. Getting rid of a phone case and changing personal wallpaper on the e-ink screen can be conducted at any time they want. Create a personal manifesto by placing achievements and information on the back screen. The device can be used to keep motivated and to achieve personal goals.

Further new enhancements were made to the Android KitKat-based YotaPhone 2 include full-touch control on both displays, a slimmer device with larger screens (5-inch AMOLED on one side and 4.7-inch EPD on the other) and improved battery life. The new device is set to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this yea.

YotaPhone states that the first generation of YotaPhone is already on sale in Russia and four other European countries at a retail price of around €500, with the total number of markets to be extended to 20 in the next two months. Sales in the first month or so reached around 12,000 units, which Martynov said was above his expectations.

“We expected around 10,000,” he said, adding that even 5,000 would have been enough to show that the demand was there. Around 80 percent of the sales were in Russia.

Android YotaPhone is an innovative smartphone from Yota Devices, a company based in Russia. The phone is currently only available to ship in Russia, Germany, Austria, France and Spain. The phone was unveiled late last year with the company promising that “smartphones will never be the same” again. Yota has also developed applications.

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