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Flappy Bird Cheats And Hacks For A High Score

Feb 03, 2014 03:10 PM EST

Whether you’re playing on iOS or Android, Flappy Bird cheats and hacks can become pretty indispensable when you’re dodging pipes in what’s been described as the most irritating platformer ever conceived. Given some of the other Flappy Bird craziness that’s transpired, we can hardly fault players for trying to hack the game in pursuit of a high score and if you read on, we’ll even show you how to do it yourself. But before you start hacking game code, skim through these Flappy Bird tips to make sure you’re playing your A-game.

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Flappy Bird Tips:

1) Take frequent breaks. If you find yourself dying eight times in a row, it might be tempting to continue on until you finally get through that next gate. Don’t. Put the game down and take an hour break. Flappy Bird will be there when you get back.


2) Don’t mash the screen. One of the key tips to Flappy Bird is to be light with your fingers. Be quick, agile and don’t pound on the screen.


3) Flow. Flappy Bird essentially boils down to an endurance trial. How long can you maintain concentration? If you feel yourself starting to lose focus, it’s probably time to take a break.


4) Use a tablet. Flappy Bird definitely gets a little easier with some additional screen real estate. If you have an iPad, use it.

If you’ve tried the above tips and still find yourself flailing in Flappy Bird, we’d probably recommend just playing something else, but if you’re already committed, the following Flappy Bird cheat for Android might come in handy. Please note that this method is a hack and allows users to set their Flappy Bird high score to whatever they want.

Before proceeding, you’ll need to root your device and download ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store. You’ll also need to reinstall a fresh copy of Flappy Bird. Once installed, run the game and earn a high score of at least 1, then close the game.


Flappy Bird Cheat/Hack For Android:

1)   Open ES File Explorer and navigate to the Tools menu.

2)   Enable “Root Explorer.”

3)   Navigate to /device, then /data.

4)   Within the /data folder, navigate to a subfolder also named /data.

5)   Locate the Flappy Bird file and open it.

6)   Open shared_prefs and FlappyBird.xml.

7)   When prompted, select ES Note Editor. Navigate to “edit.”

8)   Enter whatever score you want.

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