Feb 28, 2017 | Updated: 09:52 AM EST

It's A Great Job Market for Android Developers

Nov 05, 2013 12:45 PM EST

Did you know Android developers get paid more than iOS developers? The job market is growing at a fast pace for Android developers thanks to the growth in today’s mobile sector. In the age of mobile, online has become even more crucial for Android developers to drive more productivity. The Internet is a catalyst for generating jobs.

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The Android platform and mobile is constantly evolving. According to a survey from CyberCoders, an Android Developer earns an average salary of $107,185 annually. For a  Senior Android Developer, an average salary of $131,571 per year.  The company also predicts that a Senior Developers annual salary will increase to 200 percent by 2014.


The chart also indicates iOS developers are paid less than Android developers at the senior level. Android developers averaged more than $10,000 a year salary. Developers that specialized in Apple's mobile operating system did show a 20 percent year over year increase compared to Android developers. "It is a very interesting and dynamic hiring climate for mobile developers. Although Android's latest numbers put them at about a 53 percent market share, we have seen a great increase in hiring for iOS developers." stated Heidi Golledge, CEO of CyberCoders.

There has also been debate of the challenges with lack of IT talent within the industry. These challenges point to the current state of the public and private education system. According to Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner, “1.9 million IT jobs will be generated in the United States.” Mr. Sondergaard stated, “IT leaders will need immediate focus on how their organization develops and attracts the skills required. These jobs will be needed to grow your business. These jobs are the future of the new information economy.”

Google I/O’s Android developer conference touted 150,000 developers were responsible for contributing to the development of  more than 800,000 apps. The mobile demand is clearly here, developers that can create some of the best solutions is an important initiative to organizations and engaging consumers. Developers have a lot of room to grow and to make improvements in the mobile areas.

Industrial Demand

Android’s growth in the job sector has been rapid. Smartphone manufacturers and application developers for Android have made Android a dominant platform for devices. Many key areas such as low cost entry point, speed of releases and competitive outlook create demand.

Opportunities in device manufacturing are present. Traditional industries such as healthcare, automotive and manufacturing are adopting software to improve efficiency, reliability, performance, quality through mobile applications and innovations.


The success in mobile is its timing. A lot is dependant on productivity as being the main driver. In the past few years alone, the statistics have rapidly increased with the demand for Android and iOS mobile app developers. The monetization of mobile and free apps could be a future growth opportunity for Android developers. We are expecting new companies and developers to emerge in the mobile market to provide further development in apps and tools.


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