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Alternate World Leads 8 ‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Secrets

Jun 08, 2017 03:42 PM EDT


Unlike other “Pokemon” games, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has a lot of new features and changes beyond new species and new regions. Game experts share eight secrets that make the new game stand out. Leading the secrets is the Alternate World.

According to Escapist Magazine, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” has alternate dimensions that spawn Ultra Beasts which are weird creatures that are playable. The game features the Altar of the Sunne/Moone, a mysterious portal that opens either at night or day which changes time upon entering it. The player then enters into Ultra Space where wormholes appear all over the place and Ultra Beasts are dumped and can be captured using Pokeballs.

The Ultra Beasts in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” appear only after the game is complete and when Looker quests are completed. The player eventually learns that the strange agent assigned to the Looker could actually be a dimensional traveler. The Necrozma, a super-tough legendary monster, may finally be found. As an ancient creature, the Necrozma might actually be an Ultra Beast from the far-flung past, according to the Pokedex entry of the in-game.

Meanwhile, beyond “Pokemon Sun and Moon's” other secrets, Inverse reports that “Pokemon” fans were disappointed when the Pokemon Direct presentation on Tuesday excluded the anticipated “Pokemon Stars” in the Nintendo lineup. At the event, Nintendo announced “Pokemon Ultra Moon” and “Pokemon Ultra Sun” for the Nintendo 3DS and the “Pokken Tournament” for the Nintendo Switch.

There were speculations that the “Pokemon Stars” would be part of the June 6 announcement in the 8-minute live stream video. A tech website raised the possibility that the makers of Pokemon can repurpose “Pokemon Sun and Moon” on the 3DS and a Switch game which looks good on HD. By adding a few deluxe improvements, the game, it forecasts, could be a system seller.

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