Jun 21, 2021 | Updated: 08:38 PM EDT

AMD Vega 10 Die Shot Is FAKED, Says AMD's Scott Wasson; Vega 10 To Launch Soon

Jun 08, 2017 06:04 AM EDT

AMD Vega GPU is coming with a dedicated High-Bandwidth Cache and uses HBM2. Offering 2x Bandwidth per pin, 8x capacity per stack and supporting up to 512 TB virtual address space, AMD Vega is AMD's latest and greatest in the GPU space. However, new information reveals that AMD has not released such information and the AMD Vega 10 die shot that we saw was faked.

This new insight has been provided by Scott Wasson, senior manager of product marketing at AMD. Scott made this clear over Twitter that the image is not even a die shot to start with. The AMD Vega 10 die shot, which was shown, is more of a block diagram instead. This is not the first time when such fake images have been seen in Apple's official presentations, as reported by Segment Next.

The block diagram that was mistaken as the die shot - was probably faked by the AMD marketing team, according to MobiPicker. At Apple's WWDC 17, AMD marketing team showed a pic that they made up. And this has been confirmed by Scott Wasson's tweet.

Responding to a question about die size and the origin of HBM2, Scott Wasson has mentioned that it wasn't a real Vega 10 die shot and that AMD hasn't actually released die size or any such info yet. Keeping in mind that the AMD Vega 10 die shot was faked and AMD has not released any specifications for the GPU, it is possible that the specifications provided were also just intelligent guesses at best.

Talking about fake news, there are also benchmarks related to the performance of the upcoming AMD Vega GPUs and it was later found that these benchmarks were not legit. The benchmark claimed that the Vega GPU was more powerful than the Titan XP and offered double the performance compared to the NVIDIA GTX 1080.

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