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Amazon Hosts Echo Dot Giveaway For Skill Developers In June

Jun 08, 2017 05:41 PM EDT


Amazon recently announced that they will be giving away a free Echo Dot unit to the first 2,500. US-based developers who to publish a Skill for Amazon's Alexa Al platform in the month of June.

In their Developer Website, Amazon announced that developers in the US must participate in the promotion by publishing an Alexa Skill before the end of June 2017. If one manages to be among the first 2500 developers to publish their skill, Amazon promises to ship them an Amazon Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a voice-controlled, hands-free device. Alexa, the brain behind Echo and Echo Dot gives its users information, news, music and weather updates as well. Other than the fact that the Amazon Echo Dot works only in one room, it resembles its bigger and more expensive sibling in all other aspects.

Priced at $49.99, the Amazon Echo Dot features a unique microphone setup that lets Alexa hear the user even while playing music. It can also connect to external devices to play audio files like music and podcasts.

Amazon provides the terms and conditions of this promotion in their Developer Website. The post also includes a source link to a form that one has to fill out in order to participate in the promotion. The published Skills will be examined by Amazon and the developers of the approved skills must comply with Amazon's rules till the end of the promotional period.

Among the details about the giveaway, Amazon mentioned that the participants cannot combine this offer with any other offers. Developers are to submit their skills through the developers' portal. As reported by Android Headlines, the company also says that it can take up to four weeks after the end of the promotion, for the winners to receive their free Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon's Alexa Al is built in the cloud and Amazon is considerably dependent on third-party developers for Alexa's upgrades. Hence, it is not unnatural that the company is trying to give back and encouraging its developers through this feat.

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