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Acer’s Newest Smartwatch; The Acer Leap Wear Currently Passed FCC And Will Be Available This July

Jun 07, 2017 05:12 PM EDT


The Acer Leap Ware seems to have just passed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with model number L05. This suggests that it is a step closer to being released in the United States. This device was already announced by Acer back in April, suggested that the Leap Ware would become available to buy in July. With it now passed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that initially suggested time-frame seems to be still on track.

This is a new smartwatch, though this is not a typical one. Instead, one of its features has a much greater focus on its health and tracking features. In many ways, this device was designed to be much more of a fitness tracker product but housed within a smartwatch body.

According to Techvicity, even by fitness tracker standards, it is understood that the Leap Ware will be able to provide even greater feedback. Feedback aspects such as UV exposure, stress, and fatigue. In addition, unlike a number of smartwatches that has come through of late, the Acer Lear Ware doesn't actually run on Android Wear instead running on a separate and proprietary OS. Consumers must expect that this device can connect to a smartphone, provide notification alerts, and control certain aspects.

According to CNET, the Acer Leap Ware is a smartwatch that includes a round 1.6-inch display. For its internal specs, the device comes powered by a MediaTek MT2523 processor. However, much of the advanced tracking and feedback data is understood to come by way of the included MediaTek MT2511. This chip has been specifically designed with health and fitness devices in mind.

As part of the feature list is an IPX7 certification for protection against water encounters. The device also features Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ for added display protection and the option to customize the look of the watch using different colored straps. In terms of price, Acer had previously confirmed that the Leap Ware will be available in the US priced at $139.

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