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WhatsApp For iOS Receives New Features Like Photo Filters

Jun 07, 2017 11:53 AM EDT


WhatsApp, once acquired by Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook, has undergone various changes in development and a number of features making its way into the mobile application. Once paid to use, WhatsApp is now a free-to-use application that can be used to chat and send various kinds of digital information inside it. One of the latest updates included a desktop access to the application with the help of QR code authentication.

As a part of the new update for WhatsApp, the developers have brought in some more features to it, but however, it's currently restricted to the iOS mobile platform from Apple. Going into the details, WhatsApp now includes Photo filters as reported by The Verge that claims to be the biggest of the three new additions.

With the help of Photo filter, WhatsApp will not let users apply filters to their pictures, videos or even GIFs before sending them to somebody, as the report mentions. At the moment, the developers have only added five Filters like Pop, Black & White (B&W), Cool, Chrome and Film. The report suggests that more filters will be on the way, very soon.

All those newly applied filters that are sent to others will be grouped as a single album instead of multiple images. Users will now be able to swipe to the right to directly respond to individual images. According to details from GSMArena,  these three new features are only part of the iOS version of WhatsApp for now. But as the report mentions, the developers might bring in the same to the Android version of its app sometime in the coming days.

WhatsApp in the past has been updated on numerous missions with features that were never even thought out, before being acquired by Facebook. Their latest inclusion for the app included a two-factor authenticator in the form of a six-digit passcode that is occasionally asked for when a user idles on the app for a long time.

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