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UMIDIGI Z1:The World's Thinnest Big Battery Flagship Phone With 6.5mm Thickness

Jun 07, 2017 08:25 AM EDT


Phone manufacturer UMIDIGI is touting that they had the thinnest big battery flagship phone which will hit the market. This device will be the UMIDIGI Z1, a new smartphone from UMIDIGI and one which makes a big play on its design.

On other words, in spite of the UMIDIGI Z1 will be equipped with a big capacity battery, it's not a phone that compensates by including a thick body design. The company has already confirmed that the device will be only 6.5mm thick, as confirmed by GizChina.

UMIDIGI is also claiming that UMIDIGI Z1 is a flagship phone where more details are now starting to be revealed through confirming this point. When it comes to its internal specs, there will be more than one version available. Even the lightest of those versions will be equipped with a decent RAM level.

According to Mice Times, the company confirms that the UMIDIGI Z1 will be available in a 6GB RAM, and an 8GB RAM version. However, the rest of the main aspects remain largely unknown, with the exception of one important detail; the price. Several sources confirm that the 6GB Ram variant will be available to buy for only $299, while the UMIDIGI Z1 Pro with 8GB RAM will be priced at $499.99.

Both UMIDIGI Z1 and UMIDIGI Z1 Pro will be more expensive than the average UMIDIGI smartphone. These two devices will not be that much more expensive and certainly affordable in price than most other current flagship smartphones.

However, details are still rare on the UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro, where the company is currently accepting registrations from interested buyers who want to stay up to date on announcements. On the other hand, the company will be giving away five UMIDIGI Z1 smartphones as part of a launch giveaway. Stay tuned for more updates.

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