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Tune Top Music Player Apps On Android And Feel Every Second Of It

Jun 07, 2017 07:53 AM EDT

Music streaming has been bettered in Android devices with the arrival of new streaming players since the fall of 2015. The Android apps have been rated highly because of their performances as well as free basic availability.

Android and its Play Store have had a habit of knowing how to lure customers in, and their free section of apps has helped them garner a massive following. Android Authority has listed some of the finest music apps that are known to enhance the musical experience.

BlackPlayer opens the list with its no-ads feature enabled with the simplest of tab structure. Loaded with the basic equalizer, the app helps to retain all the typical music files and extensions. To top it all, the app can be downloaded for free.

MediaMonkey is another free music app, but bags abundance of features. The music media app comes in with organizational features that will enable users to keep their podcasts, audiobooks, and composer in an organized way. The setup is a bit leggy, but it is no rocket science for sure.

GSM Arena has listed down some of the most downloaded music apps in recent times. Pulsar makes the list for being extremely user-friendly and its laid out texts along with large buttons have helped users of all kinds. Available in free and paid version, the former will give users access to only three themes presets.

RetroMusicPlayer contradicts its name but in a good way. The music app is available in non-native fonts and provides interesting UI choices. The app can be availed for free, although it is still in beta version.

The Android apps have seen a meteoric rise in its popularity, and the music section is certainly not lagging behind. 2017 is expected to flush in better music streaming apps, but users are well content with the available options.

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