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Microsoft Windows 10 Internal Builds Brick Some Devices By Mistake

Jun 05, 2017 01:57 PM EDT

An inadvertent deployment of the internal builds of Microsoft’s Window 10 showed up in users’ gadgets, both on PC and mobile devices. The builds were not launched ahead of schedule but were never meant to reach the public.

However, Dona Sarkar, a software engineer who works in the Windows and Devices Group of Microsoft, says only a small number of Window Insiders got the rogue builds, PC Mag reports. Those who got it could suffer from some inconvenience or temporarily bricked. Microsoft says the company is working to release a new build as soon as possible.

But Sarkar says it will take several days and the new build for Windows 10 will definitely not be released this week. Some device owners could still go back to the previous legitimate build by going to Settings --> Update & security --> Recovery. However, only those who have not deleted previous Windows installation files can do that.

For unfortunate gadget owners who got the rogue mobile build of Windows 10, the device will be stuck in a reboot loop and not usable. To fix the problem, the owner must use a Windows Device Recovery Tool and re-flash the handset. After re-flashing, the device owner must rejoin the Windows Insider Program and download a new build.

BGR explains that the Windows Insider Program by Microsoft is a program which allows users to own a valid Window 10 license to sign up for early builds of the OS. It used to be accessible only to developers. Microsoft says it placed blocks in place to check the dissemination of the build, but a small portion of Windows 10 users received it. A build is the process by which a source code is converted into a standalone form which can run on a computer.

But the bad Windows 10 build still extended to some Windows phones not registered with the Windows Insider Program. But the build will not install unless the phone owner registers as an Insider.

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