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Nvidia Releases New Graphics Cards Designed For ‘Rocket League World Champions’

Jun 02, 2017 02:39 PM EDT


This coming "Rocket League World Champions" in June, Psyonix and Nvidia announced a collaboration to give away the rocket-powered sporting title with GTX Pascal graphics cards. For some fans who aren't quite convinced of its importance, they can tune into the championships and make their decision, as this bundle will be available only until July 31.

According to Anand Tech, "Rocket League" is a game that offers a simple but sublime premise. A player will drive a car attached to its rear and use that melding of aerodynamic explosions to propel a ball into an oversized soccer goal. It's rather a basic game, but the nuances in car control and teamwork are watt makes it so exciting to play and watch.

All sorts of high flying action will be on show at this year's "Rocket League World Championship" that will be held in Los Angeles. Players have the chance to play by treating themselves to a new graphics card at the same time wouldn't be a terrible idea. The game runs fantastic on mid-tier hardware, so a GTX 1060 will easily play the game at 4K resolution, making the Unreal Engine 3 game look fantastic.

According to Game Spot, "Rocket League World Championship" is available with GTX 1060, 1050 Ti, and 1050 graphics cards, as well as prebuilt desktops and laptops with those chips inside, too. Of course, though, remember that players must buy them from Nvidia's partners.

Players must see the full list of retailers, platform partners, and system builders to apply this promo. It runs starting from May 30 until July 31.

Nvidia isn't the only company partnering with Psyonix for "Rocket League" co-promotion lately. It recently teamed up with the WWE to use its monumental platform to help increase exposure for the hit indie title. It also recently partnered with Hot Wheels for a new DLC package and real-world model cars.

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