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Waze Expands Carpool Services In California Beginning On June 6

Jun 01, 2017 05:52 PM EDT


Beginning on June 6, Tuesday, the carpooling service of Google’s Waze will be available across California. The expansion of the transport service follows successful trial of the app in Sacramento, Monterey, and San Francisco. Although the main offering of Waze is for users to report travel-related incidents such as road dangers and inclement weather, the Carpool feature will allow users who drive vehicles to offer rides to people who are headed in the same direction.

Tech Crunch reports that to use the regular Waze Carpool app, drivers who are at least 21 years old must tap the bottom right tab of their navigation app. Google says the app does not seek to replace Uber, Lyft, or other professional ride-hailing services. The tech giant capped rides at two daily and placed a maximum income of not more than 54 cents per mile.

The amount is based on a federal standard mileage rate. Its intention is not to provide car owners who drive an extra income but to have riders share the cost of the driver’s gasoline. The app seeks to make actual carpooling more achievable. In a way, Waze would replace the office car pool which is no longer that popular. However, with an internet-based app, it makes carpooling even with strangers easier.

Android Authority adds Google will not get a commission fee. It means Waze Carpool drivers are not required to purchase a commercial car insurance. There would also be no need for background checks. But Google will put in place a five-star rating system, plus rider and driver endorsements.

Observers say the idea behind Waze Carpool app is novel. But the question people ask if beyond the Bay Area where most workers are techies, will the other drivers be willing to take in strangers to share a ride home for about half a dollar despite the risk that accompanies the system?

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