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Samsung’s Bixby Feature Fell Short Got Delayed Due To English Grammar & Syntax Error

Jun 01, 2017 05:41 PM EDT


Samsung is further delaying the launch of voice feature on its Bixby digital assistant in the United States. Bixby was initially reported to arrive with Galaxy S8 in April but got delayed until this year's June.

According to Gadgets, Samsung highlighted Bixby as one of the biggest features of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Bixby is new voice interface that let users perform any task on the handset by voice command that they can do by just tapping on the display. Bixby is already available to users in South Korea, however, Samsung decided to delay its release to April for the US.

Several reports claimed that the service has been delayed further and Samsung has not offered any timeframe as to when the Bixby will actually become available. The feature was touted as the important new addition to the company's Galaxy S8 flagship lineup and is said struggling to comprehend English grammar and syntax.

"Bixby Voice benefits from time to further enhance natural language understanding, and we are currently growing our user testing in the US to prepare for launch," a Samsung spokeswoman said in a statement.

With the Bixby feature, Samsung tried to compete against with Apple's Siri which is available on iPhone and Google Assistant available on a number of Android smartphones, as noted by Android Authority. Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8 currently supports text search and image recognition features which can be accessed through a dedicated button. The South Korean company recently rolled Bixby voice for Korean users in its home market.

As for a fact, virtual assistant is seen as the first way to hook up consumers with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all competing to develop smarter AI assistant that can eventually replace the touch and type-based methods of interaction.

Samsung was expected to compete with the main players but its assistant now seems to fall short. Stay tuned for more updates.

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