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Intel Introduces Its New Core X-Line Of High-End Processors

Jun 01, 2017 05:13 PM EDT


Intel recently announced a new family of Core X desktop processor at Computex 2017. Intel's announcement offers even more powerful versions of their existing Core i5 and Core i7 models, along with new Core i9 line for more firepower.

According to Wired, the Core X platform is being wanted squarely at enthusiast customers such as content creators and gamers; people who want to run the latest games at the best possible resolution while streaming footage and running chat. This Core X platform is also for viewers with four different creative tools opens at ounce to put together a new blog.

As noted by CNET, the Core X series scales from the models with 4-cores topping out with the $1,999 Core i9 Extreme which Intel proudly boasts the first consumer desktop processor to offer 18-cores and 36-threads. The Core X family starts with; the Core i5-7640X that wears $242, offering 4-cores and 4-threads while the Core i7 X-series ranges from a $339, 4-core / 8-thread model to a $599 8-core / 16-thread chip.

All these new desktop Core X processors are engineered to work with Intel's new X299 motherboard chipset which the company notes should be rolling out on partner products in the coming weeks. In terms of chips designs, almost entire Core X family is made on an updated version of Intel's sixth-gen Skylake platform, which the company refers to as Skylake X. The two 4-core models at the bottom of the range; the i5-7640X and the i7-7740X, both are built on Kaby Lake X.

Meanwhile, Intel had a brief update on the still forthcoming eight-gen line of mainstream Intel chips, speculated to be codenamed as Coffee Lake. Previous reports stated that the company promised a 15 percent enhancement over the current seventh-gen Kaby Lake line, while today Intel confirmed that they are seeing the even greater performance with improvements up to 30 percent over Kaby Lake.

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