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‘Far Cry 5’ Video Game’s Use Of White American Extremist As Villain Generates Controversy

May 31, 2017 06:18 AM EDT


An upcoming Ubisoft game, “Far Cry 5,” is generating controversy because of its use of a white American extremist as the villain. It has resulted in the creation of a Change.org petition seeking the killing or cancellation of the game. The letter accuses Ubisoft of making the game for degenerates and miscengentors, or people bred from different races.

“Far Cry 5” is set for release on Feb. 27, 2018. GQ reports that a man named Father Joseph who is the leader of Project at Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult, abducts people and consolidates power in Hope County, Montana. The player is supposed to take on the cult and free the fictional region with the help of normal residents who want to get rid of Father Joseph.

Although it has real symbols and biblical references, the Project at Eden’s Gate cult of “Far Cry 5” is fictional, GQ notes. Since it takes an average of four years to develop a big-budget video game, it was not made as a response to the presidency of Donald Trump. When the game was announced at a press event in early May, Ubisoft was careful not to delve on the current U.S. administration.

Metro points out that many Americans must be so insecure they cannot cope with the idea that the villain of “Far Cry 5” is a white American with a twisted view of Christianity. It explains why Britons are always portrayed as the villains in American movies.

However, the British daily and Forbes both observe that it is difficult to discern if the Change.org petition is serious or a joke. The petition urges Ubisoft to change the villains to something more realistic by hinting the bad guy in “Far Cry 5” can instead be a Muslim since Islam is on the rise in the U.S. The petition adds if Ubisoft would insist on making American Christians as the game’s villains, the developer could at least add more races such as Mexicans and blacks.

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