May 15, 2021 | Updated: 08:45 AM EDT

Apple iOS 10.3.3 Public Beta 2 Rolls Out To Developers Ahead Of iOS 11 Launch

May 31, 2017 04:47 AM EDT

Apple recently made available public beta 2 of Apple iOS 10.3.3. The beta 2 update when it becomes official will be loaded with security improvements and bug fixes.

Only registered developers will be able to download Apple iOS 10.3.3 public beta 2 from the Apple Developer Center or over-the-air with the proper configuration profile is installed. No significant features or bug fixes were found in the first beta, suggesting iOS 10.3.3, like iOS 10.3.2, is an update that's minor in scale and designed to introduce security improvements and address bugs, according to MacRumors.

The known issues for Apple iOS 10.3.3 haven't changed much from 10.3.2, with sections for Managed and shared devices, openURL, SOS, and WebKit. As usual, the macOS launch notes don't say anything at all. Inside Apple iOS 10.3.3, there are only bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements on their way to users. For iPad Pro users, however, there are some new wallpapers.

Apple's most recent full version update of iOS 10 was released to the public in September 2016 having been previewed at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference in June and released to developers following the event. If Apple follows the custom, then the company might showcase its plans for the new iOS in June WWDC 2017, and then release the beta to developers, as reported by Mac World.

If the Apple device is registered to receive beta builds, then the user will get the Over The Air (OTA) notification to install the update. In case, OTA update is not yet received then user should head over to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap "Download and install" next to the Apple iOS 10.3.3 Public Beta 2 listing. It is also advised to jump on a Wi-Fi network first alongside plugging in the Apple device beforehand if the user doesn't want data overcharges on the bill and don't want phone or tablet to die during the installation process.

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