May 28, 2020 | Updated: 10:04 PM EDT

Xiaomi’s Upcoming MIUI9 Will Launch This July Packed With Several Enhanced Features

May 31, 2017 04:53 AM EDT


Xiaomi's newest Android UI overlay called MIUI 9 might be released for download to Mi devices soon if a posting from the company is anything to go by. MIUI 9 was reported to be released this year's July, however, there's no specific date has been given and still unknown.

With the month of July rapidly approaching, the company will undoubtedly have more statement to be released about it. For the meantime, there are several changes the updated overlay is expected to bring with it.

According to Android Authority, users of Xiaomi's handsets are almost not only in for visual changes but also for some added functionality. A split-screen mode was initially being worked on for the release of MIUI8 but has since been delayed and is now expected to debut with the latest stable build of the company's Android user interface.

MIUI 9 was also reported as being set to arrive with picture-in-picture and video functionality. With this, it could be a useful feature for anybody using their phone a lot for shooting video or photography. There will probably be some other new functionality included as well, once Xiaomi is ready to provide more details on the matter.

As noted by My Drivers, the updated system is also expected to include a lot of hidden improvements meant to build on previous optimizations. That typically means a user experience that is noticeably more smooth and stable, in addition to being more bug-free overall.

July might only bring an official announcement of the overlay's actual release date seeing how the company's latest comment on the matter is relatively vague. Meanwhile, there aren't really any rules governing when these kinds of updates are released. MIUI has been gaining a lot of popularity among Android users in recent years, with many icon packs and customization-focused apps on the Google Play.

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