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Intel Introduces Their Low-End CPU With A Price That Starts At $150

May 31, 2017 04:43 AM EDT


Intel offers a relatively low-cost option for gamers who has a low budget, the Core i3-7350K. Gamers can squeeze out every ounce of lower end performance via overclocking without bankrupting. For now, it looks like Intel might be cutting the chip's price to an even more reasonable $150.

Building a PC gaming system involves a host of decisions that impact the price and performance of the resulting machine. One of the most important is the CPU, which can both crank up the performance and empty your bank account.

As noted by HEXUS, it would make some sense for Intel to get more aggressive on its CPU pricing given the price performance provided by AMD's latest Ryzen CPUs based on its new Zen processor architecture. Ryzen chips provide very competitive performance compared to Intel's Core processors and often came in at lower prices. Intel needs to respond and compete to Ryzen or face losing some of its market dominance.

As for now, the Intel Core i3-7350K can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon and Newegg for just $150; almost 20 percent reduction from the original price of around $180. With the stock base frequency of 4.2GHz but with no Turbo Boost, the CPUC is best for boosting entry-level gaming systems with a stable overclocking speed of up to 4.9GHz, according to Tom's Hardware.

At a lower price of $150, the lower end chip is a real deal for every consumer intended for gaming and other computing needs where it doesn't require massive thread counts. The current pricing might just be promotional, however, it came with a good performance at a lower price, and then buyers can get their order sooner than later.

Intel seems trying to put pressure on AMD through discounts and faster CPUs. Fortunately, this latest development just complicates the already challenging process of choosing the right brains for every PC. Stay tuned for more update as Intel will likely offer other great deals in the market.

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