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‘Destiny 2’ Developers Working Hard For Better Gaming Experience

May 31, 2017 04:12 AM EDT


"Destiny 2" was a chance for both Activision and Bungie to make technical enhancements that fans have been wanted for years, but it looks like they aren't getting any of them. Consoles are still locked to a frame rate of 30fps, and no version is getting dedicated servers.

As noted by Bungie, the former console is easier to learn and understand in which both Xbox One and PS4 Pro physically can't handle it. They would really lose several fans for "Destiny 2."

As the official blog speaks, engineer Matt Segur stated that they will have an improved system for the sequel, even if it's peer to peer. It will be rest assured that they will be doing a lot of testing right now with players all around the globe, and working hard to make sure that every player's experience is going to be smooth on launch day.

Matt Segur added that every activity in "Destiny 2" was hosted by one of their servers. This means that every player will never again suffer a host migration during Raid attempt and Trials match. This differs from "Destiny 1," in which these hosting duties were performed by player consoles, only script, and mission logic ran in the data center.

According to Game Ranx, Matt Segur claimed that the system is also kind of a hybrid P2P and dedicated just like the previous version of the game. However, in the way of security ninjas, developers came up with a plan to single out cheaters with more precision than in the past. All of this will be put into test this coming summer with the "Destiny 2" beta.

Fans are up on their feet for the upcoming "Destiny 2" where several enhancements have been made regarding with its gameplay and rules in the game including player behaviors. Stay tuned for more updates as Activision will release more official confirmation for the game.

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