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DJI Starts Accepting Pre-Orders For $499 Spark Drone With June 15 Delivery Date

May 25, 2017 06:00 PM EDT

After launching the DJI Spark Drone on Wednesday at an event in New York City, the Chinese manufacturer of the mini drone started to accept pre-orders. The newly launched device that features gesture-based controls and smartphone-based flight experience sells for $499. Those who would place pre-orders would receive the drone on June 15.

There are four colors available for the DJI Spark Drone. By adding $100, customers could order a Fly More bundle which comes with more accessories and a carrying case, 9TO5Mac reported. DJI is marketing the newly launched drone to entry-level pilots who want to capture videos and images that are drone-quality.

With these consumer-friendly features, DJI Spark Drone pilots could navigate through basic controls such as distance and the shutter. By waving the hand, the drone would return to its original take-off point at the end of the flight. At the launch, DJI showed how the mini drone could fly in closed quarters and avoid potential hazards which the manufacturer hopes will make the new drone as popular as its older models.

Slash Gear explains that by using the Gesture Mode of the DJI Spark Drone, the pilot has control over the basic movements of the device. The pilot does not need to use a smartphone or a control pad by just using palm movements. But for owners who would want to use traditional control options, it is also available by utilizing a dedicated controller, smartphone, or tablet. They can also use the preset flight modes to make creative shots.

The examples of the DJI Spark Drone’s hand gestures, according to Android Authority, include waving to send the mini drone out approximately by 10 feet. To take a photo, create a box with the fingers. To trigger landing, make a two-handed wave and hold out the hand. Owners could also create an immersive experience by connecting the DJI Goggles to the new drone.

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