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AMD To Kill Nvidia With It's Latest Vega GPU: AMD Is GPU King?

May 24, 2017 06:09 AM EDT

Things are just starting to heat up for AMD, thanks to a weapon store of products being released for the whole 2017. Vega, Naples/EPYC, and Threadripper are set for release in Q2 and ASUS just announced the first Ryzen Mobile gaming laptop. Amid additional products in the pipeline, the gains of AMD stand to be important as compare to the stock's current evaluation.

A previous leak assumed and compared Vega to being in the performance range of Nvidia's 1070, something which could negatively affect the stock price if revealed this was the top-end release, as reported by Tweak Town. This leak is supposed to have been a lower-end Vega card. The latest leak hints Vega overthrowing the GPU throne with an impressive 12.5 TFLOPS vs. the 1080Ti's 11.4 TFLOPS, an 11% difference.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is having a $699 price tag and AMD Vega is rumored to have the same, AMD is set to take away market share and drive profits through the roof. AMD gives 11% performance increase for the same price in an arena where FPS is the name of the game.

AMD Vega is a Nvidia killer. If AMD can display the same offering to Nvidia products with Vega as it did to Intel with Ryzen, AMD is considerably undervalued. If they only match the GTX 1080 Ti price, the 11% increase should be enough to convince consumers.

Nvidia's 1070 is a popular card among VR enthusiasts, along with AMD's RX Fury series that features HMB1 memory. The reason is the price/performance ratio these cards carry, as reported by Toms Hardware.

AMD Vega is a great name for the video card lineup. After its release, it will be sending the stock price to another star system, with Naples/EPYC, Threadripper, Ryzen 3, and their mobile lineup only giving fuel to that rocket. 

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