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DJI To Release More Details & Specs Of Spark Drone On May 24 At NYC Unveiling

May 24, 2017 06:05 AM EDT

By Wednesday, May 24, all speculations about the details and features of the DJI Spark Drone would finally be laid to rest. The Chinese manufacturer of the drone would launch the much-anticipated gadget rumored to be small enough to fit inside backpacks, but good for taking photos and videos at an event in New York City.

The DJI Spark Drone unveiling event would confirm all the leaks that have come out the past few months that it will be the smallest and most portable addition to the product lineup of DJI, Digital Trends reports. The first leaked photo of the small drone came out in April, and new image suggests the leaked photo was legitimate.

Based on the image, the DJI Spark Drone is about half the size of the DJI Mavic. It has fixed arms, sensors that face downwards and a gimbal which moves up and down only. There is no price leak, but experts believe it would be more affordable than the Mavic which costs $999. So far, the cheapest DJI drone is the DJI Phantom 3 which sells for $499.

The tagline for the DJI Spark Drone unveiling event is “S(e)ize The Moment,” to emphasize the upcoming drone is small and was designed to take images. Cinema5d adds that what would be seen by drone enthusiasts is a mini-me version of the DJI Mavic. Its launch comes on the heels of the release of the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced a few weeks ago.

Because of its size, the DJI Spark Drone is expected to fly through caves, canyons, poles, and indoors, such as a stack of library books. The teaser for the drone begins with an aerial footage from a drone flying through tight spaces to show what the mini drone could do which those larger models could not reach, Tech Crunch reports.

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