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Apple Launches 5 16-Second YouTube Clips In New Campaign To Convince Android Users To Switch To iPhone

May 23, 2017 09:22 AM EDT


While Apple is still working on the iPhone 8 which would launch in early 2018, the Cupertino-based tech giant wants to make up for the headstart of its competitors which had already launched their flagships. The company rolled out instead five 16-second YouTube advertisements as part of the advertising campaign to convince Android phone owners to shift to an iPhone.

The advertising campaign compares the current experience of Android phone users and how it would change if they use an iPhone instead. The iPhone experiences demonstrated are through music, speed, photos, privacy, and versatility, 9TO5Mac reported. Besides the YouTube clips, Apple also revamped its apple.com/switch microsite as part of the new advertising campaign.

The message of the new advertising campaign is it is so easy to switch phones from an Android to iPhone. There is no need to save the contents of the Android phone in another device. The only thing needed is the Move to iOS app which is downloaded from the Google Play Stores. The app would securely transfer the contents, such as pictures, videos, directory, calendars, email accounts, message history, and free apps, from the old phone to the iPhone.

Besides the ease of shifting to iPhone from Android emphasized by the advertising campaign, Apple also cites the growing number of switchers, Business Insider reported. To ensure the switchers would have no chance to reverse the switch, Apple also threw in a trade-in offer for the current Android smartphone which could get the switcher up to $260 credit for use in buying a new iPhone.

The new advertising campaign focuses now on changing phones, not just OS that was the target of the previous Apple advertising campaign focused on Move to iOS app, Tech Radar reported. The new campaign goes beyond the iPhone features to even include Apple’s commitment to protect the environment.

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