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Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby Version Feature Will Be Used By Siri.

May 20, 2017 02:07 PM EDT

Siri focused on collecting and understanding information out of the internet and satisfy the query by answering the questions about any particular topic. But, Samsung's new virtual assistant, Bixby is different from that respect. Now, Siri is getting the feature, which is like Galaxy S8's Bixby Vision.

As reported by The verge, Galaxy S8's Bixby Vision is related to vision aspect. It's an augmented real-time camera that can identify objects in a real time. After that, they search for them on various services. The application can be launched on directly in the camera or from Bixby Home. This stuff had been seen before in Google Goggles or Amazon Firefly, but Samsung's implementation is much better than the competition.

This technology can combine translating text, read QR Codes and recognizing landmarks with pretty descent object recognition on the camera app. To use this Galaxy S8's Bixby Vision, a person should point it at a thing and wait for a tick or several ticks, depending on the quality of the internet.

According to Epeak, Bixby is integrated into the Galaxy S8's camera, gallery and is connected to the internet. It uses AI to find out what the user is focusing on by using the camera and then searched specific information about that from the internet.

Apple's voice assistant Siri was the first conversation voice assistants on the smartphones. It was the head start of all the other companies in the field. But, over the years, other companies moved ahead with their own version of technology, while Apple was busy in integrating voice assistant on all of its devices. Other company's voice assistants were AI-based, which is their advantage over Siri.

It is expected that iPhone 8 is launching this year and a Siri based speaker is also expected to be unveiled at WWDC. To match up to other voice assistants, Apple needs to improve Siri. Apple bought Lattice Data Company that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based interface engine, which transforms unstructured dark data into the structured and usable form.

It is expected that Siri is to be getting Galaxy S8's Bixby vision like feature as the Lattice has the technology to scan and make sense of images and texts. It is expected that a new version of Siri is going to be launched at WWDC 2017, while Apple is silent on this subject as usual.

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