Dec 09, 2021 | Updated: 07:19 PM EDT

Microsoft’s May Create Cross-Platform Experience Coordinator As A Mobile Feature.

May 20, 2017 02:07 PM EDT

Microsoft has set a fresh new mindset to create a new feature of mobile by a cross-platform experience. Microsoft is a proprietary player on the smartphone market and it has learned a lot from its past mishaps.

Microsoft's main aim is to orchestrate all works which have been done on different devices and the vision is human-centered. This integration will work as a cross-platform experience coordinator.

Microsoft's Build 2017 conference was the most forward-looking, which had come with the idea to create a new mobile tech future. They introduced a whole new visual identity to replace metro and it was called Fluent Design.

As mentioned in News buckets, Microsoft made important steps on the strategic plan and to unify and refocus its efforts of AR and VR under a more unified banner. It offered a next Windows 10 Creator's update glimpse, which is coming this fall.

According to Gsm Arena, Microsoft has a plan to provide a cross-platform experience coordinator. It has setup its mind to position the Windows experience at the center of the future digital lifestyle, instead of battling out with Android and iOS. Microsoft is a long-standing governor of PC and it is its biggest strength and now Windows platform to be the central hub of all the activities.

With all these ideas, Microsoft has announced new features too. It is introducing new Timeline and Cortana Versions that will let the users resume apps, where they exactly left off them on other Windows 10 devices.

An interesting feature of this seamless integration is that it is coming with a new connected clipboard feature. It provides Windows 10 users with the facility to copy content on the PC and then paste it on their smartphone. It will be possible through Microsoft's recent SwiftKey acquisition.

Microsoft has said that there will be no virtual machines, no UWP recompiling and repackaging. Only a powerful compatibility layer, translating instructions real time and for improving performance over time, caching some of them.

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