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Samsung Galaxy S9: 3 Improvements Required On Galaxy S8

May 20, 2017 02:07 PM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8, the recently launched smartphone from the South Korean tech giant is one of the best smartphones ever built in the tech market. The smartphone though finely built needs three improvements that could make the next flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 toughest and best for perfect rivalry in the mobile market.

As cited by the Value Walk, the company could have created a better phone by including these below-mentioned improvements. Enthusiasts believe that the next smartphone expected to be the Samsung Galaxy S9 could set an example in the tech market if Samsung takes care about the improvising needed.

Faster Chipset: It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S8 is not fast enough as it was expected earlier. The smartphone featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is said to have speed close enough to the Galaxy S7 smartphone. The company that was concerned with battery issues in the Galaxy Note 7 is said to have concentrated on the battery performance than the overall performance of the phone. It is reported that the batteries are smaller than they would have been after the Note 7 debacle. Additionally, there is now new software installed which uses CPU power to manage these smaller batteries.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is required to be built with enough headroom that it can have good battery life and a performance boost.  There are chances that the Samsung might offer the speculated Qualcomm's chipset Snapdragon 845, a second-gen 10nm chip for sufficient improvements in power efficiency.

A Better Fingerprint Sensor: It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner has inaccurate readings and slower performance. However, Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to load the fingerprint scanner in the smartphones, improvements in this technology are reported to be not as high as expected.

It is reported that the Motorola Moto G5 smartphone's finger print sensor is much faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8 scanner. In addition, the location of the scanner is reportedly said to be frustrating, as it is not positioned in the front due to infinity display design. The provision of finger print scanner beside the camera lens is reported of undergoing accidental lens smudging. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy S9 should have improvements in the finger print sensor performance along with re-positioning for a faster, more accurate, and less fiddly unlocking experience.

Better Fast Charging Technology: According to Forbes, Samsung smartphones received the fast charging technology back in 2014. The Adaptive Fast Charge technology used by Samsung is based on the Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone supports the Quick Charge 2.0 technology, even though the company has placed best processor-Snapdragon 835, which is reported to be capable of handling the Quick Charge 4.0. To make use of this tech, the only hurdle Samsung needs to jump is a licensing one. It is reported that the LG is on Quick Charge 3.0 and Google is on USB-PD, which are said to be much faster than the Quick Charge 2.0. Thus, Samsung Galaxy S9 could be a far better handset in terms of fast charging technology.


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