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Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 To Sell As Galaxy Note FE, Not Galaxy Note 7R

May 19, 2017 05:18 PM EDT


More information is coming out about the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The latest report from Korea says instead of Galaxy Note 7R as previously reported, the smartphone would be called as Galaxy Note FE. The FE stands for Fan Edition to indicate the gadget’s market would be hardcore fans of the Note 7.

Samsung removed the old exploding battery of the Galaxy Note 7 and replaced it with a smaller 3,200mAh battery. It plans to sell the Galaxy Note FE in South Korea, China, and other Asian markets. The Seoul-based tech giant reportedly will sell the once bursting phone for $440 or almost half the price of the original Galaxy Note 7.

The phone would not be sold in the U.S. or Europe because although it is cheaper, the Galaxy Note brand may still have some stigma attached to it. The exploding battery scandal may cause consumers from higher-income countries to stay away from the Galaxy Note FE.

However, consumers from developing nations who are also fans of the Galaxy brand may not mind the stigma and still buy the Galaxy Note FE. CNET points out that one proof that the Note 7 has hardcore fans is that in January, even if 93 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 have been returned, there were still thousands of gadget owners who continued using their phones. Samsung eventually bricked the phones after the deadline to exchange the device lapsed.

GSM Arena reports that the upcoming Galaxy Note FE would launch at the end of June. The other signs it would soon roll out are that the refurbished phone has acquired certifications from the Federal Communications Commission, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Android Authority agrees with the decision to rename the device Galaxy Note FE because using Galaxy Note 7R only reminds the owner it is a refurbished phone. Or it once was a dangerous gadget.

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