Jun 23, 2018 | Updated: 07:21 PM EDT

‘Wannacry’ Ransomware Reveal Details Similar To Sony, Leading To North Korea’s Involvement

May 19, 2017 05:54 PM EDT


The World was hit by the decades worst cyber attack that closed down computers from all over the World. Ransom orders were made to unlock the devices that cost nearly $300 each. However, recent revelations have shown this to be much more than money related fraudulence.

The claim was made after series of investigations that led to the 2014 Sony pictures hack showing the use of the same kind of codes. CCT News mentioned that Symantec and Kaspersky believe that hackers can rescue codes from previous operations. The codes bear relevance to the Lazarus Group, an infamous hacking operator settled in North Korea.

The powerhouses have been shook up leading to the pursuit of the offenders. Private organizations have pooled in that leads to a technical distress. Recently, Marcus Hutchins, a young man stopped the spread of the virus. However, culprits are pushing hard to freeze more files.

150 countries have been hit by the attack, and personal devices have faced the majority of the wrath. The virus is initiated from the Windows vulnerability built that was developed from US National secret agency. Officials have questioned the intent and talent of the hackers as it was fairly easy to stop the attack.

A meager $50,000 were collected by the goons, which prompted few doubts as for why they were so hell bent on attacking devices for such little revenue. According to LA times, Kaspersky's stance on the attack affirms the involvement of Lazarus group. Authorities have tightened the screws and are looking to gather evidence supporting the claim.

Users from all over the world are warned not to open any unknown mail or source code. Devices of professionals from various fields have been attacked making it difficult for experts to reveal a certain trend. As things stand, a North Korean connection will heighten the tension manifolds.

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