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AMD Gaming RX Vega Card To Release In Computex, Confirmed Faster Performance Than Vega Frontier Edition

May 19, 2017 03:21 PM EDT


AMD's resident graphics guru Raja Koduri has revealed a cluster of new information regarding upcoming RX Vega card that will sure be exciting Radeon fans. AMD will be releasing Gaming RX Vega during Computex event.

AMD will unveil its Vega gaming graphics cards at Computex in Taipei. The company has scheduled its Computex press conference for 31 May 2017.

Head of Radeon Technologies Group Raja Koduri has confirmed to users on Reddit that the company would reveal more details about its RX Vega graphics cards. He also mentioned that company will showcase Radeon RX Vega at Computex on May 31.

Raja Koduri has revealed that gaming oriented RX Vega graphics cards will be much better optimized for gaming. And it will not only deliver better performance but the upcoming card will be having a pocket-friendly price.

However, Consumer Radeon RX Vega card will be much better optimized for all the top gaming titles. He also said that the flavors of Radeon RX Vega will actually be faster than Frontier version.

This is quite the shocker since the AMD's Frontier Edition card is already a 25+ TFLOPS card and as said by Raja, it is the world's fastest Compute GPU. On the computer side of things, AMD RX Vega FE will be the fastest single GPU solution (>12.5 TFlops FP32) when it's available and NCU packs several additional optimizations, including Rapid-Packed-Math which delivers >25 TFLops of FP16

Raja has also confirmed that gaming RX Vega will be showcased at this upcoming Computex less than two weeks from now. Raja's comments around the challenges associated with the HBM2 ramp add credence to our thesis which the 9 months long HBM 2 delay pushed AMD Radeon RX Vega's launch much further back than the company had hoped for or intended, as reported by My Broadband.

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