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OnePlus 5 News: Hyped Dual-Camera Feature May Not Be Enough To Steal Spotlight From Samsung Galaxy S8

May 18, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

A lot of folks are waiting for the OnePlus 5, most wanting to see its design and features. Leaked images showing a device sporting a dual lens rear camera have popped out though some pricing issues could stand in the way of seeing this device follow the success of its predecessors.

The leaked photos come from SlashLeaks, showing the rear of the supposed OnePlus 5. The debate rages on whether it will be placed via horizontal or vertical orientation though the leaked shots show the latter. Aside from the rear dual lens camera, a flash is positioned beneath it and then the OnePlus logo. Curiously, there was no fingerprint sensor spotted at the rear of the device. Hence, most are now under the impression that such could be repositioned on the front part of the OnePlus 5.

Speaking of the front part of the OnePlus 5, it was curiously not shown. Hence, that alone poses questions on the validity of the leaked photos. Also, there could be one new detail that may force buyers to think twice before getting the OnePlus 5 - its actual suggested retail price which may reportedly get hiked.

As pointed out by BGR, the OnePlus 5 could be the first device to be priced beyond the competitive level. There is no official word yet on how much it would cost though it could go past the $650 mark. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 priced at $720, adding $70 more may not be bad – not to mention a flagship phone that has been drawing rave reviews.

OnePlus is believed to be forced to increase the price due to the costs associated with the internal components. While that argument can back the higher priced OnePlus 5. But with Samsung filling in the Samsung Galaxy S8 with an edge-to-edge Infinity display, most are likely to prefer the souped up flagship over the previously affordable OnePlus handset

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