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New Google Maps Upcoming Notification To Transmit Traffic Condition In Real Time

May 17, 2017 04:17 PM EDT

Google would add a new feature to Google Maps. The Mountain View-based company is developing a notification that would provide traffic conditions in real time. The notification is undergoing beta testing after Google Maps sent 9.53.0 build to them.

Build 9.53.0 has new features to make commuting easier, according to the teardown of the app of the APK file, Android Headlines reported. The upcoming feature would rely on the real-time traffic functionality of the app. It would be condensed and served as a standard Android system notification.

The upcoming feature of Google Maps would work both when the user will go to work or return home. Mice Times of Asia notes that the new feature would make Google Maps better than Yandex, its main competitor in the U.S. Based on the code of the 9.53.0 build, another commute-related feature is being developed by Google which would give Google Maps the ability to set means of transportation for commuters. It would be a major change from the current version that supports public transportation and driving modes only.

While the notification system is still undergoing beta testing, the Google Maps for Android received on Monday an update that adds support for Street View in navigation mode. With Street View, which Google Maps introduced in 2007, users gained access to street-level and 360-degree views of any part of the U.S. and later globally. The feature was used to find real-time traffic conditions, do local business searches, and find local bike paths, PC Mag reported.

The tech website listed several more things that ordinary people possibly do not know that Google Maps could do. The list includes adding multiple stops to a trip, letting other people drive, and creating a private Google Map. It could also view and change the maps’ history, provide a “God view,” and make the user a traffic reporter.

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