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Android O News: ‘Project Treble’ Tasked To Make Up For Delayed Operating System Updates

May 16, 2017 06:05 PM EDT


Google has had its share of issues, particularly when it comes to releasing timely Android updates. They have lagged behind rival Apple when it comes to rolling out key OS patches which place the pressure on the new feature called “Project Treble” tied up to Android O.

Some are still skeptical and foresee Android O as carrying nothing if compared to previous OS rollouts. But then again, Google antes the stakes with the “Project Treble,” pegged to bring in the biggest change in the form of rolling out an update without having to wait for key updates on components – particularly the chipsets, BGR.com reported.

The new process coming with Android O will thus do away with the long waits, usually occurring when new codes are required to make the operating system function accordingly. It seems ambitious in a sense but could potentially address the waiting time which seems to take forever especially for old devices. A glimpse of “Project Treble” is already running on the Android O Developer Preview for Pixel phones though rolling out is a separate matter.

With most hopeful of improved Android updates, a lot hinges on what is in store at the Google I/O 2017 happening this Wednesday. Aside from the timely updates, other features to look forward to including the introduction of artificial intelligence alongside the augmented/virtual reality support.

The two features tackle the rising popularity in the tech world to date. On one end is the artificial intelligence which is closely associated with the surge in voice-enabled assistants such as Google Assistant, PC Mag reported. Could it include address the requirements such as 1.5 GB of memory and at least 720p screen resolution?

With regards to the AR/VR feature, one can easily single out the Google DayDream VR. But how will it perform with other VR headsets in the market? Google may be prepared for its own products so it will be interesting how it compares with the ones offered by others like the Samsung Gear VR. There are obviously plenty to expect though most simply want timely roll out of OS versions for better performance and security.

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