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iPad Pro 2 News: Next Apple Tablet To Tease Upcoming iPhone 8 Design and Features

May 16, 2017 05:59 PM EDT


The WWDC is just around the corner and one of the anticipated devices that may come out is the iPad Pro 2. If so, most are wondering about the design and features, and the word out is that it could provide a glimpse of things to come for its sister product, the iPhone 8.

The iPad Pro 2 will reportedly come with a 10.5-inch display, something that is a bit off. Seeing a new tablet sporting a bigger display somehow conflicts with the current iPad Pro in the market though the Cupertino company can easily offset that by offering a bezel-less display. Hence, an all-screen iPad Pro 2 could set the stage for the iPhone 8, a smartphone expected to come out with the same concept display, BGR reported.

With a possible bezel-less display, it also hints that the iPad Pro 2 will likely come without a home button and possibly an embedded fingerprint scanner. Thanks to a shared listing by 9 to 5 Mac, such supports the claim that the iPad Pro 2 will indeed come with an alleged screen-size display.

Unfortunately, more official specs tied up to the iPad Pro 2 are scarce and the only other credible information is that it could come out by June. Hence, all other information to the said tablet falls in the grapevine.

CNet offers its share of potential features for the iPad Pro 2. The said tablet could come out sporting an A10X processor, a smart connector, a Magnetic Pencil and a 12 MP iSight camera. The 3.5 mm jack will still be around and come with four speakers for better audio rendering. There is no telling how many iPad Pro 2 models could be coming out, same on what its official product name would be. It could be simply the iPad Pro 2 or something like an iPad Pro 2 Mini. Either way, will it be seriously better than a computer as Apple claims?

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