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Netflix App For Android Update: Android Devices Except For Samsung Galaxy S8 Now Able To Stream HDR; Australia Market Subscription Prices Hiked

May 16, 2017 05:58 PM EDT

Netflix continues to grow among mobile phone owners and most would want to enjoy films and TV shows in the best quality possible. The LG G6 leads the list of Android-powered devices which will be able to enjoy videos in HD quality though it curiously excludes the Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to Forbes, the reason behind the exclusion of the Samsung Galaxy S8 unable to render HDR videos from the Netflix app has to do with the UI. In short, the device is unable to stream HDR content at least for now. It remains to be seen if a fix would be made for the latest Samsung flagship.

That could be a downside for Samsung Galaxy S8 owners, particularly for the ones who look for the best in getting the best quality video streams from the Netflix app for Android devices. Then again, using the app may hardly matter for as long as the shows appear and play fine.

To enjoy HDR streaming from the Netflix App for Android 5.0, one will need a good subscription plan and the latest app. It is available from the Google Play Store for those who have yet to subscribe.

Speaking of subscriptions, folks over in Australia could be in for a surprise with an “experimental” hike in subscription plans. According to Fortune, Netflix confirmed that it will be testing higher monthly subscription rates for Aussie subscribers, roughly adding a $1 to their usual $8.99 per month for the basic plan. The Standard and Premium plans will get a $2 and $3 monthly subscription price bump.

Though the charge is meager, The Australian initially claimed that these would be applicable on weekends. Netflix, later on, denied the report and said that "these tests vary in length, they are not weekend only."

If a price hike is indeed happening, it wouldn’t really come as a surprise. Netflix did the same to the US market so adding a couple of dollars may not hurt especially if they are offering quality service such as the HDR and DolbyVision content mentioned above.

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