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AMD RX Vega Specs Update: Radeon RX Vega With 16 GB HBM2 & 1600 MHz Clock Speed On 4096 Cores Leaked

May 16, 2017 05:28 AM EDT

The latest leak about the upcoming AMD RX Vega hints at the potential of upcoming Vega range is rather exciting as it has the possible to go far beyond what has been seen with earlier leaks. This unidentified card that boasts the AMD RX Vega device ID has a full 16 GB of memory but is its maximum clock speed of 1,600 MHz.

Latest specs of AMD RX Vega GPU based graphics card have leaked out at Videocardz. The specs are a high-end product which boasts a grand sum of HBM2 VRAM and very high clock speeds.

The publication notes that they don't know if this part of the AMD RX Vega family, as it could be a new dual-GPU graphics card in the AMD Radeon Pro or Radeon Pro Duo series. The company has confirmed it will have two stacks HBM2 for AMD RX Vega, but it might be in the 8GB form (2 x 4GB) or a 16GB card (2 x 8GB), as reported by Digital Trends.

The latest AMD RX Vega GPU based graphics card was dotted in Compubench database. Inside of the new CompuBench result, AMD RX Vega is having the maximum GPU clock of 1600MHz with 64 compute units. However, it should hopefully be 4096 stream processors.

The specs unveil a GFX900 architecture-based graphics card. The IP V9.0 Generation or GFX900 is reserved for nothing else but AMD RX Vega since Polaris is GFX800 or IP V8.0. In terms of specs, the AMD Vega 10 based graphics card features 4096 Stream Processors and 16 GB of HBM2 VRAM. This is higher than the AMD RX Vega variants that AMD showcased at some events. The AMD Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerator might possibly use the mentioned capacity as it was already pointed out in a leaked slide.

What's more interesting is that the 4096 stream processor count and core clock speed of 1600 MHz end up somewhat faster than the Instinct MI25 accelerator that is said to be clocked at 1526 MHz to achieve a compute performance of 12.5 TFLOPs (FP32). The mentioned 1600 MHz card reaches somewhat higher than 13 TFLOPs (FP32).

It will be interesting to see how AMD manages RX Vega at launch. AMD is hosting a Computex keynote on 31st May where Vega based cards from gamers and enthusiasts are highly expected.

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