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How To Fight With Ransomware Like WannaCry

May 15, 2017 06:13 PM EDT


It is a known fact nowadays the modern world has a become a lot dependent on the internet. But there are few drawbacks on the internet and the most concerning drawback is, the internet is vulnerable. Therefore, it is easy for a malware to get into a system and disturb the system thereafter. In most of the cases, that malware can be stopped with a normal malware protector or an antivirus. But this is not the case for ransomware like WannaCry.

The WannaCry, ransomware has become one of the biggest threat in the recent time. The WannaCry ransomware is the reason of complete breakdown in the health department of United Kingdom. Therefore, it can be understood how dangerous this ransomware can be. But the point is, this ransomware can be prevented if proper measures are taken. The proper steps to prevent the WannaCry, ransomware is mentioned below.

In order to stop the WannaCry ransomware, one must have an updated operating system. At the same time, this ransomware does not attack systems with Windows 10 operating system.Therefore, if a user has an updated Windows 10 operating system then there is no possible threat.

Though the WannaCry ransomware has spread by a huge amount in recent time, but it has been on the internet for a long time now. At first, they tried to attack some personal system. But right now, they are targeting some big organizations. Therefore, in order to be protected from the ransomware, a user must turn on the firewall apart from an updated os. The other steps are the following.

If a user has an antivirus that does not guarantee safety. Therefore having an updated OS is a must.

A user must turn off the Adobe flash player.

Try to avoid any unsecured page and at the same time, avoid any kind of links which are not so reputed.

Though, after all these steps, the WannaCry ransomware can easily attack a system. Therefore, one must have the backup for all the files which are stored in the system.

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