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Sprint May Launch 5G Network In Late 2019 For Its Subscribers

May 13, 2017 06:14 AM EDT

A plan has been developed to launch a 5G network by 2020, according to both SoftBank and Qualcomm, which has been announced on Wednesday. According to a brief Press Release on Sprint's Website, the rough time frame will be "late 2019".

As mentioned in Digital trends, in late 2019, Qualcomm SoftBank and Sprint will provide commercial services and devices. The 3rd Generation Partnership Project, a key working group to oversee the development of 5G technologies, developed a new Standard to be used in the 2.5GHz band spectrum by Sprint and Partners.

Verizon launched Pre-Commercial 5G service in 11 Cities for home and offices in February. It can't be expected the widely deployment of 5G until 2020. According to Nigeria today, 5G technologies means faster speeds, lower latency and improved communications between Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Streaming of DirecTV service through the 5G network will begin by AT&T for some residential customers. Recently it announced a series of high-speed connectivity trials in 20 major Cities called 5G Evolution.

The benefits of 5G will be huge, which include 5G- enabled cars, Internet of Things (IoT) products, faster delivery of virtual and augmented reality headsets, more reliable experiences than 4G devices of today. These are all possible at least in theory.

Cloud-Powered storage such as iCloud and Google Drive may become speedy enough just like physical hard drives with 5G. All will be dependent upon the implementation. By the end of the year, the effort will be made to deploy the 5G speed improvement to 1Gbps.

However, it achieved 14Gbps in early 2016 in lab testing, which is equivalent to downloading a 15GB file in nine seconds. The 5G standard has not been finalized yet. The International Telecommunications Union, the governing body behind mobile specs, doesn't have any expectation to publish a definition until November 2017. It seems that T-Mobile is confident that it will come around.

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