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Samsung DeX Accessory Can Convert Samsung Galaxy S8 Into Computer With These Tips

May 13, 2017 06:10 AM EDT

Samsung has announced a few new accessories for the Galaxy S8. DeX is the most notable among those accessories. With DeX, the Galaxy S8 can be converted into a computer. Samsung is trying to convert a Phone into a PC like Motorola and Microsoft. A docking station for the phone is primarily needed for this purpose.

When a Galaxy S8 will be placed into a DeX dock, the built-in software of Galaxy S8 will be activated by this. DeX Interface requires no download of any special software or purchase of any additional apps. Samsung's dock has a special embedded cooling fan to keep the Galaxy S8 cool when it is used to display Android apps on a monitor and for power; a USB-C connection is there.

According to CNET, DeX will work only with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus right now. The Price of the DeX Station is $150 and the required peripherals may include an HDMI cable, a monitor or TV with an HDMI port, a wired or Bluetooth keyboard, a wired or Bluetooth mouse and the Ethernet cable is optional.

The desktop mode of Samsung Galaxy S8 has come with an app drawer on the side and it supports Android apps with the full access to notifications and resizable windows. It seems that the whole interface may look like Chrome Operating System a little.

According to The verge, Samsung is aiming its DeX System for business customers. But, this is not going to replace the PC or Laptop just yet. There is no full desktop browser here. For the use of mouse and keyboard, there are two standard USB Ports on the back of the docking station and in case Bluetooth is required, the Port can be used for an external hard drive.

However, all apps of Samsung Galaxy S8 are not compatible to work with DeX, unfortunately. Some apps like Microsoft Office Suite and Samsung's own apps may compatible with the DeX platform as they have received updates for their compatibility.

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