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Waze Latest News: Updated Navigation App Now Allows Users To Record Directions With Their Own Voice, Set Up Instructions Here

May 12, 2017 05:09 AM EDT

Waze is a useful app to get to your destination but has plenty of room for improvement. Adding some voice to it could be ideal and such has been integrated with the latest update to the navigation app.

The latest update to the Android navigation app allows users to record navigational directions using a person’s own voice. A total of 39 phrases can be recorded on Waze, allowing users to add some vocal flare in phrases such as “Turn Right” or “Let’s go.” It may not be much but could be a big help for people, particularly the visually impaired, The Next Web reported.

While that should be a lush feature to check on, there is, of course, a catch. Recording voices will have a bit of a setback with street names reportedly unable to be spoken out loud. The recorded phrases of the Waze app does not cover anything specific.

With or without the voice feature for Waze, the app should do just fine. Some may laud the audio addition though there is no mention which languages it supports. Regardless, here is how one can record their voices.

According to CNet, all a user has to do is launch the Waze app and head on over to the advanced settings. Look for Sound & Voice and tap on the voice recorder. Simply switch on the voice recorder option and look for the phrase you want to voice record.

Speaking of the default phrases, most may question if the recording would allow users to say something other than what they see on the Waze app screen. Actually, you can which somehow answers the previous question on language support.

As it turns out, the voice feature for Waze seems to be a light addition to integrate some flare for users. Anyone can record their voice on the default commands, though it may be wise to make sure that these are actually associated with the phrase. The functionality may be overlooked but could come in handy at some point.

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