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Microsoft Build 2017: Laying The Foundation Of A Sci Fi Future Soon

May 11, 2017 05:30 PM EDT

Microsoft is definitely on the verge of laying the foundation for a sci-fi future real soon. In fact, Build 2017 put forth a great vision for not just Microsoft's future, but also for how every user would interact with technology in the future. Microsoft Build is a developers conference and it would offer live video streaming of the conference held in Seattle, on Thursday.

The Build 2017 would be from May 10 to May 12. This year the show started a little different since the company used its main keynote to focus on the developers. Even though the conference has been always about recent updates and services, the tech giant came up with something new this time, Pocket-lint reported.

Coming to the Build, each year the tech giant hold the conference to bring together software engineers and developers into the developer's conference called Build. At the conference, Microsoft reveals about its upcoming updates for the services and platforms. According to Digit, Microsoft announced about Windows 10 users have increased and there are about 500 million monthly active users.

Talking about usage numbers, Microsoft also mentioned Office 365 has over 100 million monthly active users. Only last October the number of active users was 85 million, meaning 15 million users have joined recently. Microsoft also mentioned at Build 2017 that it would bring Microsoft Graph, an API that would give the developers access to data and tools from Office 365 services.

As per the latest reports from Microsoft Build 2017, there are new API's coming and would be available as preview shortly. To build a better sci-fi future, Microsoft has also joined hands with Intel and HP to bring Cortana to the devices. Finally, the third big announcement at the conference came in the form of Visual Studio.

The tech giant has announced its Visual Studio coding platform for Mac. It allows the developers to code the app using Microsoft's development environment on the MacOS platform. There is no doubt through these, Microsoft has evolved from an operating system company to a company that deals with smart technology.

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