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Dell To Offer PC-As-A-Service Plan Globally By End Of 2017

May 10, 2017 05:37 AM EDT

Computer manufacturer Dell would offer to companies an option to cut hardware acquisition and support cost. It would be similar to the PC-as-a-service option offered by HP and Microsoft. The option allows customers to purchase gadgets and support, and pay monthly.

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, shared about the tech giant’s PC-as-a-service offer during his opening keynote at the Dell EMC World on Monday in Las Vegas. He said PCs are the engine that keep companies moving. But because many people use smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, the PC market has become limited, PCWorld reports.

In response to the situation, Dell focuses instead on enterprise IT infrastructure, particularly on server, storage cloud, networking, and internet-of-things offerings. As a result, global PC shipment is not growing beyond the 250 million to 300 million range. New buys are only to replace old PCs, while the average time before companies replace PCs is five or six years which makes the PC-as-a-service option a good alternative for firms cutting costs.

With the Dell offer of PC-as-a-service option, the tech giant speeds up IT transformation by changing from traditional capital expenditures to an operating expense payment model, ZDNet reports. To cut big capital investment cost in a business landscape characterized by technology that changes rapidly, organizations are seeking new methods to acquire technology and solutions. Dell Technologies stresses the company is uniquely positioned to respond to the industry shift.

Besides the PC-as-a-service option, Dell also introduced its hyperconverged infrastructure solutions that run on the new server family. It mixes computing, storage, networking and virtualization capabilities that are all preintegrated and controlled by one management layer. These solutions reduce cost of data hardware and footprints. To make it easier for companies to adopt hyperconverged solutions, Dell has the VxRail Appliance deployment experience that is optimized to deploy a single appliance in 20 minutes and applied to bigger cluster sizes. Customers could add and manage 10 or more appliances as easy as a single appliance.

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