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iPhone 8 To Come With Free Airpods Worth $206 This September

May 10, 2017 07:46 AM EDT

According to reports, Apple's upcoming flagship device iPhone 8 might come with a $206 accessory inside the box. As per JP Morgan, the latest iPhone might come bundled with a free pair of Airpods. The annoucement for the wireless earphones took place along with the iPhone 7 last Christmas. These presently cost around £159 or $206 on the Apple Store.

The Airpods link up to the Apple Watch or iPhone through Bluetooth. These, also use sensors to detect when in the ears and play or pause accordingly. Interestingly, these earphones also contain a pair of microphones so that users can control the music, check battery life using the Siri and change the volume, The Mirror reported.

These earphones deliver at least up to 5 hours of listening time that too on a single charge. Along with this, the earphones come with a special case that acts as a charger itself. In fact, in total it offers more than 24 hours of music listening time. As of now, there are several rumors going on about the Apple iPhone 8.Both Apple 7 and Apple 7 Plus include Airpods that come with Lightening connectors instead of the wireless earphones.The Apple Airpods are also available separately and faced several delays till its release a couple of months ago.

Some rumors suggest the device might be called iPhone Edition or iPhone X. According to Digit, the device would hit the market along with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s sometime in September. However, several rumors suggest that it might be delayed due to a significant hardware upgrade.

The iphone 8 might come as a stainless steel and glass model. It might also feature a 5.85 inch display screen with OLED panel and might include a L shaped battery that would be 30 percent larger. Now, including the Airpods in the iPhone 8 box would justify the rumor of price over $1000. This would make the device the costliest iPhone till date.

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