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Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates: False Information Has Been Delivered By Samsung About The Phone’s Storage Speed

May 10, 2017 02:50 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy S8 page claimed that the device ships with UFS 2.1 storage. However, a fine print said that storage might differ by country and carrier. Samsung has since deleted the UFS 2.1 mention completely. Buyers discovered that the Galaxy S8 version that is powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor gets slower UFS 2.0 storage; this is the US version of Samsung's newest flagship phone, which was already seen slower than the global models.

According to Android Central, Samsung Galaxy S8 features built-in UFS 2.1 storage, which is the company's fastest flash storage for a mobile device. Although, sources has discovered that Samsung has quietly removed the mention of UFS 2.1 storage from the Galaxy S8's specification page.

According to XDA Developers, the UFS 2.1 storage delivers 800MB/s sequential read speeds, which is 300MB/s quicker than UFS 2.0's performance. After all, previous Galaxy S versions also shipped with UFS 2.0 storage on board. But it doesn't mean that Samsung should be able to quietly change that particular detail, especially since many users reporting and reviewing the phone may have delivered false information about the phone.

Samsung isn't the only company that has been caught lying about a phone's specifications. Huawei had to publicly address similar criticism, a few weeks ago. Huawei CEO Richard Yu explained that the company used slower eMMC flash and high-speed UFS storage in the Huawei P10 due to a component shortage. The Chinese maker Huawei also advertised its latest smartphone as a device that would deliver speedy UFS storage, before removing the mention of UFS memory from its website.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone made to double down on quality since it's the first flagship to come out after last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 major issue. Good news is that there are no any major issues with the handset; however, Galaxy S8 users have witnessed various minor problems with the phone such as the screen's red tint, unexpected restarts, and Wi-Fi connectivity troubles.

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