Jun 17, 2021 | Updated: 12:40 PM EDT

OnePlus 5 News And Release Date: What We Know So Far

May 09, 2017 05:00 PM EDT

The next flagship killer from OnePlus would be called OnePlus 5, completely skipping out number "4" because it is considered a bad luck in China. The number "4" was not chosen because according to many reviewers, OnePlus 3T was more likely a "OnePlus 4" as it had a completely new version of SoC.

OnePlus 5 news suggests that there is no set release date for the upcoming highly awaited phone. Verge predicts that OnePlus 5 might go on sale in July or August, right after it is announced.

OnePlus 5 rumors have it that the phone will have the best spec sheet among flagships. It will come with a SnapDragon 835 SoC with Octa-Core processor and a mighty powerful graphics processor. OnePlus 5 news also suggests that the phone would be having 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and the battery capacity would increase to 3600 mAh.

According to Android Authority, the onboard storage of the phone will also be bumped up to 128GB for the base variant and 256GB for the high-end variant. OnePlus 5 would also come with the company's Dash Charge technology, which might charge 50% of the phone is 20 minutes.

OnePlus 5 is supposed to have a 1440p screen, but the company might decide against it. Also following major OEM trends, the OnePlus 5 will be shipping with a dual-camera module, having two camera lens. Rumors have it that the module would be positioned horizontally like the iPhone 7 Plus and not vertically.

A design leak of OnePlus shows a vertical camera module, but later rumors suggest the company would go for a horizontal camera module. Fans who were wishing for a bezel-less display would be disappointed as the phone would come with a front facing fingerprint scanner.

As for the software, OnePlus 5 news also suggest that the price of the phone would be a tad bit higher than the OnePlus 3T, as the company is adding a dual camera module and Dash Charge 3.0. OnePlus 3 retailed at $399 and the 3T retails at $439. OnePlus 5 might retail close to $500. 


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