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Upcoming Motorola Android Tablet To Feature Productivity Mode

May 08, 2017 03:45 AM EDT


Former top mobile phone brands are making a comeback under their new owners. Nokia has relaunched the 3310, TCL would release the BlackBerry KeyOne with QWERTY physical keyboard, and Lenovo would come up with an Android tablet. A leaked screenshot of the upcoming Motorola device indicates it would have a productivity mode.

GSM Arena reports that users of gadgets with a productivity mode could pin apps to the navigation bar. It would allow the user to move quickly from one app to another without having to use the multitasking menu. By dragging an icon upwards, it would close the apps, otherwise, the app would be kept in the memory.

It adds the productivity mode would move to one side of the screen all the Android navigation buttons so it would be easier for the gadget user to access using the thumb. The mode would also have a dedicated App Drawer button on the navigation bar. Other specs of the Motorola Android table has not been revealed, although it is speculated its screen would either be nine or 10 inches.

According to Android Police, the productivity mode would make Android look very “Chrome OS-y.” Long-pressing an app on the navigation bar would close an icon. The tech website adds the upcoming Motorola Android tablet looks more promising that the tablets that Google has been working on lately.

The productivity mode was first introduced on the Yoga Book by Lenovo, now the parent company of Motorola. The Verge notes that Motorola is re-entering the tablet market after years of being away and with tablet sales weakening. But according to research firm IDC, there is one sector of the tablet market still enjoying good sales. It is detachable tablets with first-party removable keyboards similar to the iPad Pro. The tech website says it is possible that Motorola is eyeing that market with its upcoming Android tablet.

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