Jun 06, 2020 | Updated: 12:07 AM EDT

Galaxy Note 7 Update: Refurbished, FCC Certified & Ready To Be Re-launched

May 06, 2017 10:34 AM EDT


The Galaxy Note 7 Is all set to be re-launched after Samsung acquired the FCC certification for the troubled model of its prized segment. After a lot of problems found in the Galaxy Note 7, especially the devices blasting while on a charge, the company called off the particular segment of its Note series.

According to GSM Arena, in a list from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the model numbers SM-N935KOR, SM-N935L SM-N935K and SM-N935S, which are basically the codenames of the Galaxy Note 7, have appeared. Traditionally the model names ending with K, L and S specify devices for the Korean market. So it is pretty easy to assume the company is looking to re-launch the device in its home market before trying its luck internationally.

The refurbished devices are believed to be carrying the same hardware as before. With a 4 GB of RAM the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be powered by the Exynos 8890 Octa chipset. The only change will be the 3,200 mAh battery, which is a slightly lesser than the previous 3,500 mAh battery and will be charged by the USB C-type charger.

According to Android Authority, the refurbished model of Galaxy Note 7 will be re-launched with a base price of around $620; this is much lower than the original price of $870. The device will be on sale in some market, but for the time being, Samsung has ruled out the possibilities to sell it in the United States and in Canada. Though, the interested buyers from the aforementioned countries can get the handset from the re-sellers.

Samsung has been in trouble since the Galaxy Note 7 has been called off due to the overheating issues and even blasting in some cases. The company had to discontinue its prized asset and work on its emerged problems. The device was banned by so many transport authorities, including a bunch of airline authorities due to its dangerous outcomes. After finding the problem was actually in the batteries and not in any other part, Samsung has gone on to refurbish the model and acquired the FCC certification to re-launch the device.

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