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AMD Vega Specs Update: Radeon RX Vega To Come With Bas Clock Of 1.5gHz And HBM2 Onboard

May 06, 2017 09:57 AM EDT

AMD's upcoming Radeon RX Vega is creating a lot of buzz due to increasing popularity among the gamers and other prosumers and enthusiasts. AMD has recently come out with their quarterly financial reports that put them at a reasonable position even if there some losses to be recovered. Their AMD CEO has assured the fans that the next generation of graphics chipsets will be unveiled within this quarter.

AMD has to concentrate on two components at the same time including the new AMD Radeon RX Vega cards and Ryzen. AMD has been fairly successful with their Ryzen computer processor which has instantly shaken up the processor market with its competitive features but at a much lesser cost. In the meantime, the partner board manufacturers of AMD haven't yet come out with full-flexed motherboards that are the only a downside at the moment.

AMD Vega graphics benchmarks have been made public in the last week with a prototype chip managing to stay on par with its primary competitor's chip, the Nvidia GTX 1070. According to AnandTech report, it has revealed that AMD will simultaneously launch both their server-grade 'Naples' processors alongside the new lineup of graphic cards i.e. AMD Vega.

Both are AMD's high-end profitable products which would not only boost AMD's stock price but will also considerably result in improved and quicker sales for the manufacturer. Reports say that AMD is preparing to launch the new Radeon RX Vega cards since it's expected to be their biggest launch for the year.

According to Hot Hardware, the latest generation of AMD Vega cards will feature HBM2 architecture with 8GB VRAM while each texture block is comprised of 16 mapping units and a total of 256TMUs. The present generation of AMD Polaris 10 graphics card is doing fairly well in the markets. According to sources, the new chips will have double the performance as compared to a Polaris chip like the RX 480.

The AMD Vega chips will operate at clock speeds above 1.5gHz. The publication mentions that the new chips from AMD will also slightly outperform the existing GTX 1080 top-of-the-line graphics from Nvidia.

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