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AT&T Expands Nougat To Samsung Galaxy S6 Family For Improvisation

May 05, 2017 08:03 PM EDT


AT&T will expand its Nougat updates to the remaining Samsung Galaxy S6 members after the recently updating S6 Edge+. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are listed as per AT&T's website to be updated with Galaxy S6 Active still waiting on the flanks.

Three devices from the S6 family run the same software, which suggests that the updates will be more or less similar across the devices. However, the exclusiveness of Galaxy S6 Edge will have a slight edge over its counterparts, Android Headlines reported.

Samsung has repeatedly stalled the update of Samsung Galaxy S6 stating that the company required elaborating the quality review. This had infuriated many users who had faced slowing down of the device among other displeasing problems. AT&T's push will breathe new life into the stuttering sales of Galaxy S6 models.

The updates will up the performance of Samsung Galaxy S6 considerably and will bag improvements that are common with Nougat. The security features have been tweaked heavily with partial changes in the Samsung UI ready to take place. Small details will be changed a tad more for better experience says Android and Me. AT&T will remove Address Book and MobiTV, two of its own pre-installed apps.

The update sizes up to be 1.22 GB, larger than the conventional updates. Users are urged to have a solid WiFi connection for a smoother experience. Word on the air is that the update might hit the devices within a day or so. Features such as Samsung Cloud and Samsung Pass will be incorporated alongside Android's April security patch.

Incremental rollouts will start to hit the phones, and one might wish to reboot their device before initiating the update. The newly added features will bear significant changes which will help Samsung Galaxy S6 devices to up their game. The onus will be on AT&T regarding the expansion of Nougat's updates.

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