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Jelly 2.45 Inch Android Smartphone Specs, Price & Expected Release Date: Big Surprise In Small Packet

May 05, 2017 02:44 AM EDT


The 2.45-inch Jelly Android phone is coming with a lot of features. While today's smartphones are going towards in bigger sizes, Jelly Android phone is walking towards in opposite direction. Users can now enjoy a lot of functionalities with a palm-sized Android phone.

Jelly has built an ultra-small smartphone with Android Nougat and 4G LTE, according to Digital trends. Though it is small in size but full of features. It is a very capable phone. It features a full version of Android Nougat, along with Google Play Store installed and it's ready to help to download apps. This coin-pocket sized smartphone supports dual-SIM (Nano+Nano) and 4G connectivity.

As reported by Gadgets 360, the Jelly Smartphone is manufactured by Shanghai firm, Unihertz and it found to be the "smallest 4G Android smartphone in the World." The smartphone can fit itself in coin pocket, the smallest space of bag or just the palm of the hand. It will be made available in Peel White, Sky Blue and Space Black color options.

Jelly Android phone consists of a quad-core 1.1GHz processor with up to 2GB of RAM and the storage will be 16GB. This storage is expandable by up to 32GB through a microSD card slot. The rear-facing camera will be of 8MP, with the front-facing camera at 2MP.

The two SIM-slots support 4G on AT&T and T-mobile networks in the US. The Jelly Android smartphone may be featured with 950mAh battery that can offer three days of battery backup and seven days on standby. The users can connect through GPS, Bluetooth v4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. Onboard sensors include Gyroscope, G-Sensor, and Compass. The dimensions of the Jelly are 92.3*43*13.3mm.

The Jelly is priced at $109(roughly Rs. 6900) and the Jelly Pro with 2GB RAM /16GB storage is priced at $125(roughly Rs. 8000). On Kickstarter, the Jelly and Jelly Pro are priced at $59(roughly Rs. 3800) and $75(roughly Rs. 4800) respectively. Also, it is expected to ship the palm-sized Android Smartphone sometime in August.

Jelly Android phone looks to be a backup device as a workout companion or in any place where anybody doesn't want to take their premium smartphone. But in a nutshell, a small size and lots of features added Android phone can be a great companion.

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